3rd Feb 2022

Over the last year Epicyon has seen some major improvements, such as keyboard navigation, much faster cryptography and federated shared items. So it has been an unusually busy year for the project and I expect that future development is going to become less hectic and more incremental.

Like a Norfolk Terrier, the fediverse continues to be a lively and more friendly companion than the smog monster which the big commercial social networks have turned into. Even if it doesn't take over the world or isn't to everyone's taste, being able to run your own small social network sites the way you want to and on low cost hardware is a victory.

Epicyon is not intended to compete with Mastodon, and there are no public Epicyon instances to try. This is expected to be a self-hosted system for instances with ten user accounts or less. Don't scale up, scale out horizontally, like the rhizome.

Some of the changes since the previous version are:

Epicyon can be downloaded as a gzipped file, or you can get the latest version from the git repo. For installation instructions see the main page. To upgrade an existing instance, make sure that you have the python3-cryptography package installed then do a git pull, chown and restart the daemon. Upgrades to web systems do not need to be a huge drama.