Epicyon release version 1.4.0

22nd Jan 2023

The last year in the fediverse has been quite eventful, with many new arrivals. But so far as Epicyon has been concerned things have been chugging along smoothly. There have been no major features added over the last year, but as always there have been many small improvements and bug fixes. These include:

Epicyon logo of a running dog with paw prints in the background

The present time is an interesting juncture in the history of the web. The prospects for the social web appear brighter than ever with increasing developer interest and support for the fediverse. If you are new to all of this then now is the time to get onboard. There are still many future challenges, but it seems that systems backed by open protocols are now beginning to seriously challenge the hegemony of the moribund commercial silos.

‟many e-citizens woke up their consciousnesses, becoming aware of what a centralized system used for the most popular applications (generally social network platforms) entails...Probably, those e-citizens moved to the fediverse, becoming fedizens.” -- L’Associazione data Protection Officer

So it's really down to us to keep things small and decentralized. To become the networked islands of organization in a chaotic world. Abide by the Principles of Small Creation

Screenshot of the main timeline showing posts and left and right columns

Epicyon can be downloaded as a gzipped file, or you can get the latest version from the git repo. For installation instructions see the main page. To upgrade an existing instance, make sure that you have the python3-cryptography package installed then do a git pull, chown and restart the daemon.